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Your much needed (and appreciated!) donation supports the critical mission to provide the much needed quality health care to men, women, girls, boys and children in eastern DR Congo who have absolutely no access to health care. Yes, this is true. GGHC is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; EIN 82-5370970. All contributions are tax-deductible and ALL of your donations are used by real people in need in the DRC.  We have family and friends of GGHC working daily to help our mission progress on the ground in the Congo helping those in need using each donation sent.  The best part? Every single penny is accounted for! NO MIDDLE MAN! 

You can donate using the options below, or you can join to become a member and make even a bigger impact with a sustained monthly giving to help us meet the organization goals. If you choose to make a mail-in donation, please remember to include your mailing address and email address so that we can send you a THANK YOU note and acknowledgment for tax-deductible contribution.  You can sleep better knowing you literally helped feed and provide essential care for another living soul today.

Thank you for your support!

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Donation Total: $5.00

The cost to restock the shelves of a local care facility with food and basic living necessities

GGHC’s community outreach inititives is to extend help where help is needed. When we find local care facilities that are stripped of food and ressources our team steps in to deliver relief.

The cost to fund one month of a high-impacted community disease prevention program

GGHC has an amazing network of passionate field workers who are ready to deliver diagnostic
tools, education, and health counseling to their community members who suffer unnecessarily.

The cost to open a local pharmacy and health counseling center

These funds cover the opening costs of a pharmacy and community resource center that
will provide much needed medicine, health counseling, and maternal health resources,

The cost to begin operating a medical training center out of Bukavu, DRC
To address medical malpractice and the lack of support for healthcare professionals, these
funds will run a medical training program out of Bukavu, DRC, for 1 year,

The cost to assemble and run a mobile clinic outfitted with health screening equipment, medical staff, and educational resources

These funds would cover the cost of a mobile clinic vehicle, outfitting of equipment and resources, and staff salaries for 1 year.

The cost to construct a fully operational integrative hospital

These funds would afford thousands of people access to critical healthcare services including primary care, emergency medical, diagnostic
services, holistic counseling, and therapy,